Top Facts about Chelsea Ingram Meteorologist Miss USA Contestant (Bio, Wedding, WJZ)

Why settle for just one when you are born to get everything you’ve ever dreamed of? For most of us, this is the first thought coming to mind after hearing about Chelsea Ingram. A renowned meteorologist journalist working with CBS Baltimore WJZ-TV, Chelsea, was seen as a recognized face in different pageants. She had always been fond of weather and nature. That was what made her job as a meteorologist a dream comes true.

But, just like nature and weather always intrigued her, different aspects of her journey can leave her audience with inquisitiveness. Whether it is something like how old Chelsea Ingram is or about her husband, the internet is flooded with queries about her. So, has the same curiosity brought you here? If it did, Celeb Lives would take you on a closer tour of her life!

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Chelsea Ingram - Top Facts about Chelsea Ingram Meteorologist Miss USA Contestant (Bio, Wedding, WJZ)
Chelsea Ingram

Chelsea Ingram: Early Life and Personal Bio

Born on October 10, 1988, Chelsea Ingram is an American citizen with Raleigh, North Carolina, as her birthplace. So for how old Chelsea Ingram is, she will turn 33 in the year 2021. She has a brother Trey, who is younger than her. Ingram is a Libra, and her parents are of Greek descent. However, she doesn’t disclose many details about her family, nor does she posts pictures with them on her Instagram.

Ever since her early days, Chelsea was fascinated by the laws of nature. She always wondered about the way weather changes. As said by wise men, turn what you like to what you will do; Chelsea pursued the profession of a meteorologist

Now coming to her education, she graduated from Apex High School in the year 2006. After this, she joined North Carolina State University, and it was here that she attained her BA in Science and Meteorology.

After this, she continued her education and graduated from Lyndon State College, Vermont. There, she attained another BA, and it was in Broadcasting. She also holds a degree in MS in Environmental Science and Polity which she has earned from Johns Hopkins University.

Before we take a closer view of Chelsea’s career in Modeling and then in Meteorology, let’s find the answer to questions about her relationships. A lot of you have been wondering to know if Chelsea Ingram is married or not. Right? Yes, Chelsea is married! If you are looking for Chelsea Ingram’s husband, she tied knots with her boyfriend, Michael Cammarata, on 9th April 2016. The ceremony took place at Jones Chapel, Raleigh, North Carolina.

After their wedding, they organized a celebration dinner. It was arranged in The State Club, and her co-workers, Tim William and Kristy Breslin were too a part of the wedding. The duo first met in the year 2012 and got engaged in the year 2014.

Chelsea Ingram Marriage - Top Facts about Chelsea Ingram Meteorologist Miss USA Contestant (Bio, Wedding, WJZ)
Chelsea Ingram Marriage

Chelsea Ingram: Modeling

Now that you’ve learned about Chelsea’s interest in weather, are you wondering how did she become Miss Vermont and Miss USA 2013? Take a look!

Chelsea Ingram Miss America 2013 - Top Facts about Chelsea Ingram Meteorologist Miss USA Contestant (Bio, Wedding, WJZ)
Chelsea Ingram Miss America 2013

When Chelsea was in her teenage years, she wanted to be a part of beauty pageants. It was only then that she worked diligently for every contest she participated in. If you scroll pictures of Chelsea in 2007 and then in 2012, you will find the difference. After all, she worked on herself, adopted a new lifestyle, and diet to get what she has dreamed of.

She entered the contest of Miss North Carolina but won her first pageant in the year 2012, which was Miss Vermont. After this, she was approached as a model, and she got different commercial contracts.  Not just this, but she also got many sponsored gifts. Imagine if Chelsea had a sister who pursued modeling. Two of them would be called sisters duo on stage.

Chelsea Ingram: Meteorology

Now that you’re aware that she has been interested in weather and nature since her early days, let’s take a closer look at her career in meteorology!

Take a look at Chelsea Ingram in this video:

Chelsea went on to follow her childhood dream of being a meteorologist. She began to work as an operational meteorologist with V-Trans right after studying at North Carolina State University. After that, she worked with the Department of Transportation of Vermont.

Chelsea has also worked with Earthrisk Technologies on a short-term contract. It was here that she served as a research meteorologist. Then, in 2010, Chelsea started serving with Raleigh’s network WTVD-TV as a broadcast meteorologist.

Later, she returned to Burlington, Vermont, to be able to work with WFFF/WVNY. In the year 2013, she left WFFF and joined hands with the team of WJZ-TV. She also relocated to Baltimore, Maryland. After that, she began working with CBS’ KYW-TV network. You know that she is in Broadcasting, but did you know that she is a weather blogger?

At GMA, she once shared her dream of being a meteorologist and a weather anchor. Instead, it was AMC NEW’s show- Good Morning America. She also stays active for social causes.

Chelsea Ingram: Awards and Recognition

The love that you give her shows how big a fan you are of her. She has earned all of it, right? However, that’s not all! She has also received the honor in the form of a Dean’s List, NCSC Woman of the Year Nominee, and Outstanding Greek Life Academic Membership at Lyndon State College.

Chelsea Ingram: Net Worth

Chelsea Ingram Net Worth - Top Facts about Chelsea Ingram Meteorologist Miss USA Contestant (Bio, Wedding, WJZ)
Chelsea Ingram Net Worth

Well, whether as a weather forecaster or a model, Chelsea Ingram has never failed to keep up the charm. A huge following on her Facebook and Instagram is evidence of the same. She is followed by over 5.8K people on Instagram, on Twitter, she has 6.7K followers, and her Facebook page is liked and followed by over 16k. However, how does she make it to herself? Yes, we are talking about Chelsea Ingram Net Worth!

Currently, Chelsea’s net worth is estimated to be near $700K. Her approximate annual salary is around $75,000. Working as a meteorologist, her net worth seems to grow in the coming time.

Here is a video of Chelsea Ingram singing national anthem:

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