Top 10 Facts About Sophie Mudd (Wiki, Model, Pics)

With over 2.2 million followers on Instagram, Sophie Mudd has become a social media sensation. Undeniably, Instagram has laid the foundation for her popularity. It has also made a space for her in search engines. Yes, in search engines! Try typing Sophie Mudd, and you will automatically find a lot of suggestions about her. From her sponsors to her preferences in make-up and dresses, her fans want to know it all. Wait, why go to a new page on the search engine when you can find all of it here? In this article, Celeb Lives will get you answers to all of your questions about her. So, shall we start with the top 10 facts about Sophie Mudd?

Sophie Mudd 4 - Top 10 Facts About Sophie Mudd (Wiki, Model, Pics)
Sophie Mudd – Bikini Model

Sophie Mudd: Fact 1

You now know who Sophie Mudd is, but do you know about her age? Or are you aware of her family? Sophie Mudd was born in Los Angeles on 27th July 1998. Saving the calculations for you, she is 23 years old in the year 2021. She comes from a Latin and American lineage. She grew up with her family, comprising of her parents and her sibling, Nicholas Mudd. She shares a good bond with both her parents but is closer to her mother. If you are wondering about the school she was in, we want to tell you that she studied at Campbell Hall School.

Sophie Mudd: Fact 2

Now, let’s talk about some personal details about her.  Yes, we are talking about her profile summary. The social media star is an American citizen with dark brown eyes. She is 5’5 inches long and maintains a weight of 56 kg. Her body measurements are 38-25-36 inches. The city she is currently residing in is California. She follows Christianity as her religion. Her zodiac sign is Leo.

Sophie Mudd: Fact 3

Now, does Sophie Mudd have a boyfriend? Yes, she has! Since the year 2017, she is dating Austin Dash. In fact, she shares pictures of them every now and then. However, before Austin, she is said to be in a few relationships. The first guy she was linked to was Conrad Hilton Jr. Even though there is no proper evidence of them dating each other, but the two hung out a number of times. Conrad Hilton Jr’s father Conrad Hilton is a recognized American hotel tycoon.

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Sophie Mudd

Sophie Mudd: Fact 4

From her body measurement to the car she owns, everybody wants to know about Sophie Mudd. However, do you know that when did she embark on her journey to the pedestal of fame? It all started in November 2013 after she posted the first picture online. It was at the Sparkle Factory of Las Vegas. Since then, she started attracting thousands and thousands of followers on Instagram and Snapchat. Today, millions of her followers and her influential figure are no surprise.

Sophie Mudd: Fact 5

Apart from being a social media star and a much-adored face in modeling, Sophie Mudd is fond of a couple of other activities. She likes to travel and enjoys tourism. The influencer also carries a place in her heart for dogs. According to her, she can love dogs more instead of loving humans. Even though her social profile doesn’t have any related posts stating her love for dogs, but the fact that she is a big dog-lover can’t remain hidden.

Sophie Mudd: Fact 6

Rose to the prominence through social media, Sophie Mudd has earned fame as a bikini model. Being a renowned face, she is now working with famous companies to promote inner garments and swimwear with her modeling. In fact, the FHM magazine has foretold that she can be a recognized American model soon. Even though she was criticized for her bold pictures, this criticism could not hinder her path of fame.

Sophie Mudd - Top 10 Facts About Sophie Mudd (Wiki, Model, Pics)
Sophie Mudd – American Model

Sophie Mudd: Fact 7

Owing to her efforts and time into her social media platforms, she can be now be seen endorsing many brands. Yes, she is working with many recognized brands in different industries. The list includes Nike, Body Glove Girl, Bananhot, Frankie’s, Romeo Powder Technology, Beverly Hills Bikini Ship, Prix Workshop, Shadow Hills, Cloud, Le Jolie, etc.

Sophie Mudd: Fact 8

By now, you have become aware that Sophie is fond of traveling and dogs. However, do you know which movie she likes the most? Sophie’s favorite movie is Pirates of The Caribbean, and her favorite actor is Johnny Depp. It is not just him, but the influencer is a big fan of Keira Knightley too. Coming to the cuisine, she likes the most, the Italian food that makes her drool. Her favorite colors are red and blue.

Sophie Mudd 1 - Top 10 Facts About Sophie Mudd (Wiki, Model, Pics)
Sophie Mudd – The Influencer

Sophie Mudd: Fact 9

Have you ever wondered how much worth did social media brought in her life? No, we are talking about 2.2million people on Instagram but about her net worth. Even though no official net worth is released but, her worth is estimated to be $250,000. With the zeal that she works with, it will be ideal to say that the figures will not stay the same in the coming years. What do you think?

Sophie Mudd: Fact 10

Apart from the list of brands she works with, MP Management, a leading talent and modeling agency, has also represented her. The same agency is known to work with the most prestigious names in the entertainment and modeling sectors. Along with an immense following on Instagram, brands she works with are making her thrive.

Sophie Mudd sharing a smoothie recipe:

So, these are the top 10 facts about Sophie Mudd that we think, being her fan, you ought to be aware of. In fact, you should be aware that she has also earned the title of the next Emily Ratajkowski for the amazing pictures that she posts through handles. Her pretty face, the way she maintains her physique, and the confidence she carries have collectively built a way for her to continue walking in. Do you think the same too? We hope you do!

So, we have come to the end of the article now! We hope that you liked reading about Sophie Mudd with us. You can stay connected with us for more articles like this here. Just tap and tap!

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