Antonija Misura Sandic Net Worth, Pics, Wallpapers, Career and Biography

Antonija Misura Sandic Goddess Beauty

Antonija Misura Sandic is a Croatian professional basketball player. She was born in Antonija, Mišura, Croatia, in 1988. Sandic is the most beautiful sportswoman in the world according to famous authorities. Antonija Misura is playing basketball at both point guard and shooting guard positions and she is very successful in that. Sandic married Croatian basketball player Marko Sandrić … Continue reading the post

Alex Morgan Net Worth, Pics, Wallpapers, Career and Biography

Alex Morgan Beautiful Eyes Wallpapers scaled

Alex Morgan is an American soccer player. She was born in San Dimas, California, USA, in 1989. Morgan is the captain of the USA National Soccer Team. She succeeds in several championships and tournaments in every club that she played and also at U.S. National Women Soccer Team. In 2015, Alex was ranked the top-paid American women’s soccer … Continue reading the post

Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth, Pics, Wallpapers, Career and Biography

Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus T shirt

Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous Portuguese professional football player. He was born in São Pedro, Funchal, Portugal, in 1985. Authorities and many football lovers/supporters think that Cristiano Ronaldo is the best football player in the World. Ronaldo played for the top football clubs like Sporting CP of Portugal, Manchester United of England, Real Madrid of Spain and now … Continue reading the post